Friday, June 05, 2009

Enterprise Twisting/Twitting – Chloe O'Brian as a Twitter Client and why that Whale is Priceless!

Like that old lady that had a view of the universe as "Turtles all the way down", I find myself repeatedly condensing information-marketplaces into that reservoir known as Twitter. "It's Twitter all the way down", I say, "especially in the Real-Time Enterprise".

More than 3 years ago, I wrote a post about Twitter and its essential role in the mission-critical, real-time Enterprise. In that post, Chloe O'Brian, from 24, represented what we know today as Twitter, or to be more precise – a Twitter Client. And Bill Buchanan was in the role of the Information Junkie Manager, constantly hooked into that client.

As a manager of a Real-Time Enterprise I care most for the flow of information in two directions: to me and from me. I want to have any piece of information that matters, or that might matter to my decision making processes, being brought to my attention, in Real-Time, and I need my orders to be efficiently distributed across the chain of command, as well as to the rest of the relevant, or might be relevant surroundings, as my survival depends upon that.

From both practical and mission-critical perspectives, I, as a manager, need only "One Ring" of Information, or rather one channel, through which Information is flowing to and from me, in and out. If I should pay attention to several, different channels, I might be losing critical information, like in case one of the channels' down; I might be investing too much time & money in protecting, fortifying, combining, linking, merging and cleansing those channels, in order to create a virtually unified ring of Info that enables a real-time decision making processes to take place.

Alas, within the Enterprise the Information is highly distributed, and is inherently heterogeneous in both structure and semantics, that I, as a manager, can only pray that whatever information I get reflects reality. No information ring for me, the manager, today.

Twitter is a bi-directional information ring. It carries - NOT CONSOLIDATES - information from all the different sources into me, and it passes back my orders, in the form of short urls, back to any relevant subordinate (and see Twiggers: the web's new invocation mechanism (and of the Enterprise too)).

As today we still got FB and Flickr and this and that, there's a need for syndicators that will recreate that one ring of information for us, managers, FF & TweetDeck being a typical example. But from a real-time Enterprise managerial perspective, those syndicators are WRONG. They provide an illusion of a one ring, while masking the nevertheless impossible reality of channels' proliferation and diversity, which still must be protected, fortified, secured, and in case of a channel failure, critical information from that channel becoming unavailable.

I, as a manager, will therefore ALWAYS prefer that happy WHALE of Twitter over multiple, different and independent channels, because that Twitter WHALE will eventually be caught by Captain Ahab, and then I will have the ocean, while different channels, and different seas have their own monsters, dealing with them all being too much effort & distraction for our RT Enterprise manager.

This is the first post in the EIN series

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