Sunday, June 15, 2008

Tweet Sixteen (Batch#: 1; Topic: Twitter; #Tweets: 16; #Comments: 6)

Twitter(1): "Anything goes" into Twitter->Go to 'tweet scan' and search for what u want->Subscribe to RSS on that filter/results 10:35 AM June 02, 2008 from web

Twitter(2): No [longer] need to pick Feeds from the Blogoshpere. Each "Blogject" to log itself directly into Twitter, and then see Twitter(1) 10:37 AM June 02, 2008 from web

Twitter(3): The problem: two kinds of info for the same Topic: conscious and unconscious blahblah tweets. That's y we need tags on tweets 10:40 AM June 02, 2008 from web

Twitter(4): These tags will be "Meta-Data" tags, indicating that the Tweet is an update of a reflection and !only of a projection 10:41 AM June 02, 2008 from web

- Wrong! Actually, we don't need tags. The length limit of a Tweet makes it inherently structured for meta-data – it's nothing but a series of keywords connected by coord. Conjunctions. No content, just pointers.

Twitter(5):Given that Blogjects are tweeting too (objects becoming part of the "conversation"), "consciousness of humanity" no longer holds 08:32 AM June 04, 2008 from web

- Here I'm "wronging out" my article. Twtr will not be the consciousness of Humanity, simply bcs Machines r alrdy part of the convrstion

Twitter(6): Unless, of course, Humanity is to be understood as a mixture of man and machine. We're already blended into each other. 08:34 AM June 04, 2008 from web

- 2 kinds of theoreticians on this interesting subject of man/machine familiarity: Machines, being the creations of Man are to be seen as his natural siblings; others, like Guattari, who see Man as a container, a meta-data, a tag, a pointer: Man can be an animal, can be a machine, can be an ephemeral moment, or an eternal word.

Twitter(7): As for History vs. Real-Time (i.e. can Twitter reflects the History of mankind or just its current, real-time snapshot) 08:44 AM June 04, 2008 from web

- If Twitter is meta-data, can it point to things that happen in the past too or is it more oriented towards Present consciousness?

Twitter(8): We say History & Real-Time "exist". Existence is conversation. Any conversation goes through the mind - a thought's product. 08:49 AM June 04, 2008 from web

Twitter(9): In any givn time, parts of Humanity reflect on its Past, others deal with Present, others thinking Future. Twtr will have it all 08:51 AM June 04, 2008 from web

Twitter(10): Making sure History is part of tweet scan: Plato, Inquisition, Descartes, Hiroshima, Churchill, Holocaust, les frères Lumière 09:26 AM June 04, 2008 from web

Twitter(11): Steve Gillmor is feeling in his guts the "Track" necessity, and I'm certain (QED style) that he's right: (cont. @Twitter12) 10:19 AM June 06, 2008 from web

Twitter(12): 1. "Track" must be restored. 2. It MUST have the min possible delay: Real-time pub/sub 3. It must allow any combination of words 10:20 AM June 06, 2008 from web

Twitter(13):These may !be the unanimous reqs for 0608, still they're the absolute necessities 4 vry near future. So we'd better get ready 10:20 AM June 06, 2008 from web

- We tend to underestimate the mission-criticality of technology. The man in the elevator becomes instantaneously hysteric when electricity breaks. Same thing with Twtr: someone, somewhere, is entirely life/biz-dependent on a RT response.

Twitter(14): Enterprise Tweeting is not about brdcsting one's presence; it's about tweeting '@Enterprise customr 233' & getting a real-time rply 06:53 PM June 08, 2008 from twhirl

Twitter(15): and it's about 'tracking' critical info, from whatever device, location etc. 06:54 PM June 08, 2008 from twhirl

Twitter(16): "Twitter [and alike] set the standard. Now a direct & fierce competition comes into play", Le Corbusier, 1923 09:28 AM June 10, 2008 from twhirl

- Already now, there are dozens of Twttr clones; it made me reckon, once and 4 all, that no one, nothing, will ever rule the entire World. I feel much better towards Google ephemeral dominance now.

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Blogger Dan Ciruli said...

Regarding the comment on number 7: with its instantaneous nature and its strong limits on length of message, Twitter is inherently biased toward communication about things happening in the here and now. One interesting side-effect of that is one possible metric for measuring the impact of a temporal event is how long people keep tweeting about it.

7:49 PM  
Blogger Muli Koppel said...

Sure Dan, this is certainly what the Twitted medium is calibrated for.


1. Historically, "140 characters" were the length of the DEEPEST form of philosophical thought. Name of that genre is Aphorisms. Zen, too, aspires at the greatest possible minimalism.

2. The Twitted medium is the fastest and closest thought's reflector that we're currently using. In any given moment, there are thoughts about a-temporal things, about figures from the past, about thoughts from the past. And there are thoughts about the future.
If the Twitted Medium is to capture our thoughts, it will necessarily reflect much more then the here-and-now.

3. There are always artists. What they like to do is to play, tweak and twist the medium rules.

best, muli

11:04 PM  

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