Monday, January 15, 2007

What kind of business? (The Google-Y.T. spectrum)

While speaking to one of my friendly customers I had this image of Google and Y.T. We were talking about FSTR and the acceleration of just about everything, about Real-Time and about how many are left behind, incapable of keeping up with this ever increasing speed. As my friendly customer put it, only few can drive a 300 km/h racing car. It’s true for both people and businesses.

Google’s definitely keeping up with that speed. Microsoft got the resources to keep up for a while longer. But you and me, the ungoogles of the virtual world – how can we keep up to that speed? Can we become the next Google? Should we become the next Google? And at that point in our conversation Y.T. burst in.

Y.T. [yours truly], Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash heroine, is a 15 years old girl, who can make it to every point on earth at the speed of light. And she’s doing it with her skateboard, ultra sophisticated, state-of-the art skateboard, and yet – it’s a skateboard, not a Ferrari.

Y.T.’s a wave-catcher. While on the road on top of her skateboard she poons (Stephenson’s word) the back of the fastest car going her direction, and if a faster one comes by, she re-poons herself onto that one (think of Spiderman firing his sticky webs at a passing car). So Y.T.’s keeping up the speed at a very, very low cost by reusing the high velocity and the energy of the others.

Y.T.'s definitely agile; no sacred cows (nor cars) – as long as you’re going her way. Yet this agility requires an excellent playing skills. You must be the best in almost everything: the best in the reconstruction of psychological and physical environment; the best in market analysis; the best in far-seeing and in the identification of the best poonable mogul on the road; the best equipped with life-saving apparatus; finally, having the best nervous system and the best sense & respond instincts around.

You must have all of that or otherwise it’s a “total face retread”.


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