Thursday, October 26, 2006

The SOA Horror Picture Show


CIO Today, October 24th, 2006:

"In its second service-oriented architecture blitz of the year, IBM has detailed a range of products and services aimed at helping companies (mk) extend their service-oriented architecture deployments.

Six months ago, IBM released 11 new SOA products, 20 product upgrades and eight new service offerings. This time around, IBM delivered four new products, 23 product upgrades and 11 new service offerings".

End Quote.

When I first read these paragraphs my brain panicked. I suspected it was a modern mutation of the decade old "Snow Crash" virus, this time aimed at damaging the already distorted brain of SOA architects. But a colleague of mine thought it was nothing but a harmless, hilarious joke, better than The Rocky Horror Picture Show and Spinal Tap combined!

25 years of absolute pleasure

To bypass this disagreement, where one is convinced that the announcement is a virus and another thinks it's a joke, we agreed to undress the message from its wordings and to stick to the naked figures:

IBM SOA Portfolio, Q1-2006:

No. of existing SOA Products: 20
No. of new SOA Products: 11

Total SOA products, Q1 2006 : 31

No. of existing SOA service offerings: unknown
No. of new SOA service offerings: 8

IBM SOA Portfolio additions, Q4-2006:

No. of new SOA products: 4
No. of new SOA service offerings: 11


SOA products by IBM: 31 (Q1'06) + 4 (Q4'06) = 35
SOA service offerings by IBM = 8 (+?, Q1'06) +11 (Q4'06) = 19


It's a viral joke. '25 years of absolute pleasure' guaranteed.


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