Sunday, August 20, 2006

Fightwares: Fight Club, only with .EXEs

Yesterday I met an old friend whom I didn't see for the last twenty years or so… He's a formal genius, dedicating his time and energy to building a chess game.

"Is this a network game, where adversaries play against each other?" I asked, but then when I saw his puzzlement I understood my mistake; after all, this guy has been spending years on building an algorithm, so a network game where the players manifest the chess-playing algorithm embedded in their heads couldn't be the case.

"So, this is a 'man against the machine' kind of game", I said, thinking "Kasparov vs. Big Blue".

My Friend smiled. "No", he said, "it's a chess game that fights other chess games".

Now it was my turn to manifest incomprehension.

He then described the existing standards for chessboards, movements and game's book keeping (i.e. list of all moves) that enable a standard way of interfacing with any chess-engine. He continued by describing the leagues - five leagues, each consisting of 24 chess-engines; he then showed me the tournaments pages, and the list of all 339 registered chess-fighting engines.

The platform handles the tournaments, where each engine fights another engine.

The tournament page for each league was stating: Engine updates allowed during rounds 1, 2 and 3. No updates accepted after the engine starts round 4!

These are Fightwares: Fight Club, only with .EXEs instead of human beings.


Second Life; An amphitheater; The World Chess-Wrestling Championship; Nice looking cheerleaders (avatars); a ticket for 100$ lindens.

The stadium is full with human-based avatars, shouting and yelling.
On the stage the new Gladiators - the chess-engines avatars - are making their last preparations.

Let the fight begin! It's the time of the Machines.

(They don't need us)


By Anonymous Udi h Bauman, at 4:02 PM  

Check out the Nero computer game, which creates real fighting software robots, & let's them fight each other:

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