Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Google, Microsoft and the Power of Default

Jeremy Zawodny commented the latest Google-Microsoft Wrestling round, where Microsoft has been accused by Google of an unfair grabbing of web traffic and advertising dollars. And why's that? Because the new Microsoft IE7 "includes a search box in the upper-right corner that is typically set up to send users to Microsoft's MSN search service".

Zawodny points to discrepancies in Google's alleged high moral standards and business fairness, specifically after the latest Google-Dell agreement, in which Google paid 1 billion US$ in exchange for a Googlized web browser on the computers Dell ships.

But more interesting is Zawdony's observation on the power of default. Actually, it doesn't really matter if the default can be easily modified or not, as most people will never even try and change it. Most people are comfortable with others setting their defaults.

I would like to draw your attention to a Technopod's post on the matter, The Power of Default in the Land of Endless Possibilities, where the power of default (as well as two great podcasts) is further discussed.


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