Sunday, February 19, 2006


OK. I am abandoning the direct injection, highly-limited version of my Podlinks feed and open an annexed blog, Technopod. I warmly invite you to visit me there as well.

I decided to migrate from the direct injection feed into a separate blog, after receiving some mails from Juice users who subscribed to the feed and expected to have the podcasts automatically downloaded to their laptops. The direct injection podlinks feed was limited in that sense. Also, as I said, the blogging platform allows me to elaborate with references, technorati searches, details on the people mentioned and more. As always, your comments are welcomed.

Those who already subscribed to the old feed (Muli Koppel's Podlinks), please re-subscribe to the new one (Technopod) – see side bar.

That's it. Back to the old business soon (concluding the endless saga on SOA, Web2.0 and the Future of Telecom), and hopefully, no more podcasting stuff on this blog.


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