Thursday, February 16, 2006

A Human Filter: My New (startup, the) Podlinks Feed

I have created a sub-feed named Muli Koppel's Podlinks to which you can subscribe here:

There's no site behind this feed - I will inject the Information directly to the river...
The post content will be standard-enabled, i.e. incredibly simple: a URL to the podcast, a short post-listening commentary/description and my personal rating. I added my last 10 Podlinks to this blog sidebar, so you could have an idea how the feed looks like.

This Podlinks idea popped-up after I figured out that the following conversation repeats itslef too often:

Colleague/Friend: What do you think about "X"?
Me: You know what, I heard John Doe (2.0) talking about "X" just two days ago, and he said...blah blah blah…
Colleague/Friend: Cool! Skype me the link to the podcast, ok?
Me: Sure, sure.

So, instead of searching, cutting, pasting and sending links to my friends, I decided to stream my post-pod impressions to them, and to whom else it may concern.

Also, I was listening recently :) to three podcasts about RSS, and tech.memeorandum - an RSS aggregator/filter - was mentioned over and over again. Undoubtedly, there's an urgent need for aggro-filters, and authority-based, FoaF (Friends of a friend) and other social filtering techniques will soon change the way we peep into the endless flow of Information.

So here I am, a human filter, releasing the knowledge I have about the podcasts I've heard, adding some commentary and a rating. Until, of course, my automated, social, web2.0 Podlinks startup will launch its beta version.


p.s. It's a trial. I might turn this Podlinks feed into a formal (seperated) blog for two reasons:
a. give more information and links on the subject
b. allow other readers to post their own post-listening impressions on the same podcast.

I would love to have your feedback.


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