Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Microsoft's Linux Strategy (Trojan Penguins, Part II)

My sequel to SOA, Matrix is still under construction, so in the meantime - a kind of a childish "told-you-so" post that I couldn't resist :). Here it is.

Last week IDC published its Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker report, presenting current Server sales figures and market segment analysis.

Will you be surprised to learn, that for the first time (in history) Windows is the Sales Leader across all Servers' segments? (High, Mid, Volume)

"Microsoft Windows servers continued to show strong growth, as revenues grew 17.7% and unit shipments grew 15.3% year over year. Significantly, quarterly factory revenue of $4.6 billion for Windows servers represented the largest single segment of the server market for the first time – increasing revenue share by 3.0% over 3Q04 – as customers deploy more fully configured Windows servers in support of scalable workloads and consolidation projects".
Source: IDC's Worldwide Quarterly Server Tracker, November 2005

Think about it for a moment: how come Windows is enjoying a consistent, quarterly growth in revenues and market share? Has Microsoft released any new and revolutionary Server Technology in the last copule of years that we've missed? If not, what than is pushing Windows Server forward?

I am referring my dear readers to a post I published a couple of months ago - Penguins at the G.A.T.E.S of Troy, where I explained how Microsoft is going to win big time because of...



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