Saturday, September 24, 2005

A Hell of a (SOA) Day

Today it happened. I knew something is going on underneath, an effervescence of some kind, and yet I was surprised to get it in such a straight, blunt manner in my mail this morning. I am using Google Alerts on many topics, so every day I get a mail with all the publications Google has indexed the other day. One of the topics is SOA, and usually I get what I quickly dismiss as yet another PR made by the Gorillas or by startups regarding a fantastic SOA solution.

But today I had the most unexpected mail, with all these headlines: The SOA glass -- 35% full, 65% empty, an analysis of a recently published Cap Gemini report on SOA adoption; UDDI inadequate for SOA on the pitfalls of the OASIS UDDI standard and the emerging new standard by ebXML; and finally, the most unambiguous one, i-Technology Viewpoint: "SOA Sucks", which is less violent than its title suggests.

Well, is there something the Vendors forgot to tell us? Is this journey not ending in Heaven? No? Really? Are you sure? But we've paid 5 million to all these middleware vendors and at least a couple more to that system integrator, so now you're telling that SOA sucks*?!

*picture on the left is for those familiar with Enterprise Logging (The Recursive Enterprise, Part II)

Naturally, I'd like to refer you to all my previous posts; they all touch this exact issue. But I will add here two anecdotes that demonstrate beautifully this hell of a (SOA) day. The 1st one is related to a conversation I held with a CIO of a US entertainment corporation. I have tried to present him with my way of doing Enterprise SOA, and the minute he heard that word (SOA) he cut me off saying: "Just not that. I had enough of all these vendors coming over to my place, offering me to buy a dozen of middlewares that cover different aspects of this 'SOA', and guaranteeing that once all middlewares are in place, my problems will evaporate. I don't buy their story and I don't like this kind of projects". Of course, I convinced him that "mine's better" (ha, ha, but it is).

And here's the 2nd anecdote in the form of an e-mail I got from a very large System Integration house, while in my previous position as Orange Israel's Chief Architect. I haven't touched this mail (and I keep it as evidence ever sinceā€¦).

"In order to implement SOA you need the following:
1. Products for SOA Platforms like AMber Point and Cape Clear
2. Products for SOA Management, like CA WSDM
3. Products for SOA Security, like Forum Systems XWALL
4. Products for Meta data management and EII (major part of SOA)
5. Products for SOA Architecture, like Popkin System Architect and ARIS
6. And last but not least - connectivity tools, like IWAY, ItemField and Anysoft, because at the end-points you need to connect to somethingā€¦"

Would you buy this cat?


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